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Your Company Website In San Antonio Should  Be A Direct Representation Of Your Brand. The Site Logo, The Colors On The Website, Should Relay To Site Visitors Who You Are, What You Offer, And The How, Why , And Where You Provide Your Company’s Products Or Services.

Here Are Some Of Our Internet Marketing Agency’s Website Designs

Our Website Designers Use Beautiful, High Definition Images To Increase Engagement With Your Company’s Site And Creates An Amazing User Experience (UX) For Customers Using Your Business Website.

We Also Increase Website Visitor Engagement With Well-placed Videos, Like In This Day Spa Webpage On This Resort Website. The Site Designer Decided To Add Pictures Of The Doctors In This Chiropractor Website. 

Below Is An Example Of How Using Several Different Images In A Webpage Image Gallery Can Show Your Customers Several Options In One Webpage Screen. This Is Perfect For Interior Design Websites Or Condo Rental Sites. 

Our Web Development Team Has Created Unique And Functional Business Site Designs For Local Industries Like Real Estate Agencies And Gyms or Personal Trainers. 

Our Web Designer Agency Offers Web Design Options For Business Owners In The Health & Beauty Niche.  Property Management Websites And Vacation Rental Business Sites Are Also Available From Our Web Development Team.

See A Webpage Design You Like Or Have An Idea For Your Company Website? Give Our Web Design Service Pro’s A Call For A Free Quote. Let Our Web Designer Team Create A Beautiful Site, That Creates Sales And New Leads Every Day For Your Business. 

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 A Professional Website That Represents Your Company’s Brand, Converts More Website Visitors Into Buying Customers, Increasing Top-Line Revenue. 1Giant’s Web Design Services Can Do This For Your Business. 

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On Average, For Every Dollar That Your Business Invests Into A New Website Or Web Design Services, The Return Is 44$ Back Into Your Company. Our Web Design Company Gets You Results.

Increased Online Visibility

Web Design Increases Traffic To Your Site

Great Website Design Increases How Long Customers Stay On Your Business’s Website And If They Will Return To Use It Again. This Signals Search Engines To Send More Visitors And Online Traffic To Your Website, Increasing Your Rankings On Google, Bing, Google Maps, And Local SEO Results. 

What Are The Benefits From Working With A Web Development Agency?

Web Design Benefits-1Giant SA
Web Design Benefits-1Giant SA

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What Is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive Web Design is referring to the webpage’s ability to adjust the webpage content, images, and video to fit properly on different devices.  A Responsive Webpage will “Respond” to a mobile phone screen by stacking content and adjusting the webpage so the website visitor can still view all the text and images properly, even on a small screen. All of 1Giant’s Website Designs are Responsive Web Designs and will properly show the webpages on mobile, tablet, and of course, desktop devices. 

How Much Do Website Designers Typically Charge?

Website Designers or Web Design Agencies typically charge around $60 to $75 per hour for Website Design Services and Web Development. The basic-level Business Site can cost around $5,000, all the way up to $10,000, with an average Company Website Design Service total being about $6,760. This includes Website Set-up, Web Design, and the Webpage Building, which will include basic On-site Web Content. This also includes Site Maintenance and Website  Client Training for the first three months. 

Can good Website Design improve my SEO score?

Yes, amazing Webpage Design will increase how long your “Dwell Time” is On-site, or how long a customer stays on the website. This is a huge signal that search engines like Google and Bing look for. This increased dwell time will cause much higher rankings online, and boost the amount of Web Traffic, or the amount of times your Webpage was shown as a top result for a search query online.

Is Web Design Hard To Learn?

Yes, Web Design is hard.  Web Coding and Design Skill for Business Sites is in higher demand today than ever before. Learning and executing Site Design is daunting for even the most experienced Website Designers. That’s why our Internet Marketing Services include Web Design, as it is in high demand and crucial for Local Business success.

What CMS (Content Management System) Do 1Giant’s Web Designers Use?

Our San Antonio Web Designers at our Internet Marketing Company use WordPress CMS for our Web Content Management System. We find that WordPress is the easiest for Web Development and also for our client’s to use. 30% of all websites online use WordPress as their CMS

What is Web Design?

Website Design includes everything involved in making a website look good and easy for customers to use and navigate. Web Design Consultants or UI Designers (User Interface Designers) use their web design skills and some front-end development skills like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript

What Is The Difference Between UX & UI for Web Design?

UI or User Interface Design is referring to the Webpage Elements that are seen onscreen in the webpage like the page layout, dropdown menus, CTA buttons (Call To Action), and images or color pallets on-page. The UX or User Experience Design refers to Website Elements not see onscreen but that make up the webpages like wireframes, storyboards, or user testing

How Long Will It Take To Build My Business Website?

It depends on the size and complexity of the website, to determine the length of Web Design and Website Development needed at our Internet Marketing Agency in San Antonio, TX. A simple 10 to 15 page website, with no onsite payment processing, which takes more coding and time, can be completed in two months. Larger websites with huge inventory pages, like E-Com Websites (Electronic Computer Originated Mail), yeah say that three times, take two to six months or longer. 

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