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What is Website Optimization for Google local search?

Website optimization, also known as On-Site Optimization or On-Page SEO, is process of arranging and creating elements on a website for the purpose of ranking higher on search engines and  bring in relevant customers from your local area to your business from the internet. Google Local Search is a search engine query on Google, that has “local intent” and contains phrases like “near me” or “closest”. This will tell Google to show the Local Pack, a list of businesses in the town nearest to the proximity of the searcher.

Website optimization also includes the proper setup of your content and words on your website and the HTML code, which would include your heading tags and title tags of each page on your businesses website pages. 1Giant goes a step further and adds local signals to your website, further optimizing your website to bring in local customers.

Beyond assisting the search engines in realizing what your website and business is all about, website optimization also helps customers who visit your website, see that their search has brought them to the correct website and shows the customer about your businesses products or services. Googles job is to show its users the best content that resolves the question or issue that they are searching for online. This is based on the keywords that the customer typed into the search bar, and also the keywords that your businesses website contains throughout it.Website optimization, sets up your business website in a way that tells Google that your website is the best source of information and is the correct place to send the customer that is searching for a solution or information online. This why website optimization is a critical part of a successful online strategy for local businesses. Google shows your website to customers searching for your exact services or product, bringing you customers that need your business right now, and the better optimized the website, the more Google shows it to customers searching and your business starts bringing in loads of customers every day.

What is the ultimate goal of website optimization?

The ultimate goal of website optimization is to make it as easy as possible for both Google and customers to:

Why Should Business Owners Care About Website Optimization?

Business owners should care about website optimization because it improves the performance of their website, allowing their goals for more customers and higher revenues to become a reality. A business owner can focus on a goal, for instance, getting more customers to set appointments for a teeth cleaning, or legal counsel, and then optimize their website to achieve their goal. Customers are searching for a solution to their problem, and your business needs to position yourself to be that solution for them. Optimizing your website gives your business the best chance of being that solution by showing Google’s search engine that your website is the best source for that customer’s needs.  

website designer castle hills tx
Website Optimization brings San Antonio businesses a steady steam of customers.

What Are The Best Tips For Website Optimization For Local Search?

Website optimization  also known as On-page optimization or On-site optimization, can be a bit overwhelming at first. So, our Local SEO Pro’s made a checklist of the top ten tips to optimize your local business website and get you started on your path to an amazing Website Design that brings in leads to your business every day.

Click on the bars to reveal each Website Design And Web Optimization Tip

Optimize Your Images- Images are an important part of content on your website. Studies have shown that must readers just scan through pages on websites and images catch the eyes of the reader. Make sure that the file size is as small as possible, without loosing image quality. Use an Alt Tag for every image, that includes the keyword for that section of content and the location(city/town)the page is targeting. Add a description for voice search to use to read a description of the image. Lastly, add a caption that’s either a call to action or a targeted keyword and location. Check out our image just to the right for an example.

Website Hosting-choose a reputable hosting company to buy your website domain name from and host your website. Make sure they backup your website’s data on their servers often, and that the company offers a SSL security certificate.  Google penalizes sites without a security certificate and the browser bar will display a warning. Also most anti-virus protection programs will alert an unprotected website too, scaring away most all of your customers who visit your site. Click here for an informative list of hosting providers. At 1Giant, we use BlueHost for our website hosting company and are very happy. Click here to check out BlueHost. Pro Tip- Geo-Tag your images with the latitude and longitude of your target city. We use GeoSetter for our images.

Content Management System- this is what you build your website with, a CMS. Now, you may get a lot of different answers on which system is the easiest or the cheapest, but we recommend using WordPress for your content management system(CMS). WordPress is very search engine friendly and is open-source, meaning anyone can develop add-ons and plugins for WordPress. 1Giant’s website CMS is on WordPress and all of our client’s sites are built using it.

Website Theme– Pick a color theme and font that reflects your brand. Also, fonts are very important, using different fonts to define headings and paragraphs. This all ties into the user experience or UX. The UX is one factor of a website that Google uses to decide where your page ranks and how much trust and authority your site will gain over time.

Website Structure– the way your website pages are connected to each other. Each page must be laid out in a way that a new visitor can navigate easily and find what they are searching for quickly. This is referred to as SILO, or silo structure. It uses categories for a subject and branches out , with each branch getting more defined and exact in its content. Site structure or SILO is a huge ranking factor and makes the website crawlers very happy because they can easily navigate your entire website. Easy for Google, best for the user=higher rankings in the search engines and more customers to your website.

Keyword Research– Probably the most important tip we will give is to properly research and select your keywords for your business website. Research keywords by typing in your services and see what other companies are in the top positions in the  Google Maps 3 Pack and in the organic listings. See what words they have ranked for and compare and dissect their ranking pages. Use their pages as a guide to build out your pages, but you must out do them to rank higher than they do. This is a competition and the winner gets the lion’s share of the leads to their business. Start with long tail keywords, as they are lower competition and your will rank much faster and easier for them. Also, target your city by including the city name with the keywords you are trying to rank for. The will help insure that your business shows up for the queries that have a local intent, like “near me” or “closest”. Pro Tip–  build out city pages in your website. City pages are pages that help you target local towns and neighborhoods by including content about your services in a nearby city. For example, you might name a city page on your site: San Antonio Plumbing Service- Quick Service And Amazing Prices. This would help a plumber in San Antonio, show up when a customer is searching in the proximity of San Antonio for a plumber or plumbing services.

Keyword Density– This is referring to the density or amount a certain keyword or keyword phrase is used in your content on the page. If you want to rank for the phrase “Castle Hills Website Designer“, then it’s density in the content would need to be around 3% of the total word count in the article or page. Just make sure you aren’t unnatural with your placement or that you don’t add the key phrase too much. This will cause over optimization and will have a negative effect on the page’s rankings in the search engines. 

On-Page Optimization Help– Google has 200 ranking factors that they use to decide where your page will end up in the search engine rankings. Someone once said “the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google.” It is so true because 75% of customers never click beyond the first page of Google. So, having some help to make sure your page is in order before submitting it is key to ranking, and getting those leads to your business. Plugins like Yoast and All In One SEO are perfect for helping your on-page optimization stay in shape. They both have free versions, that have enough functions and provide the help will need. We currently use All In One SEO plugin, but we are going to give Yoast are try. Let us know which one you use or prefer on our Contact page or our Facebook page.

Relevancy– This means that the content on your page is relevant to the search term being used. Make sure that the information in your content is helpful and is about the keywords or phrases you are wanting to rank for on that page. This also goes back to UX and the user getting a great experience out of your content. If you can help resolve an issue, or teach something to someone and it is actually helpful then your right on the money when it comes to having relevancy.

Title Tag And Header Tags– the title tag for your page is what Google will show as the main description of your page in the search engine results pages. Make sure that the keywords or phrase is as close to the front of the title tag as possible. For example, the title tag for this page is

Website designer castle hills tx
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