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Get a constant stream of local customers from having your business show up in the 3 Pack of Google Maps, the top 3 positions. This gives businesses the daily flow of new local customers needed to thrive and grow.

If you are a business owner looking for a way to rank higher in Google Maps, 1Giant’s New Local SEO Service, Google Maps SEO, is the must-have Maps Marketing Service for your business in 2020.

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Google Maps SEO Services For San Antonio Businesses-1Giant

Does Your Business Need Local Maps Marketing?

When you Google your business on your cell phone, is your company one of the top results in Google Local Pack of Maps? If not you need take the steps to get in the top Google Maps results, known as the “3 Pack” or “Snack Pack” of Google Maps. 

 1 in 3 mobile searches result in a Google Maps listing, so it is very important to rank high in the Local Google Maps results pages. 1Giant’s new Local SEO Service, Google Maps SEO, is focused on getting your business into the Google 3 Pack of Maps.

The 3 Pack is the top three results in Google’s Local Pack of Maps listings. These three Map Pack results get the lion’s share of the clicks. When searching using a mobile phone and a Local Map Pack listing is triggered, the top three results take up 99% of your view on the  cell phone screen. This gives these top three results a very high percentage of the clicks and engagement from customers.

This Internet Marketing Service page is all about Google Maps SEO. We will discus what Google Maps is and also why being in the Top 3 results  of Google’s Map Listings is so crucial for local businesses and how our Local Maps Marketing Experts can make sure your business shows up  in the top listings in Google’s Local Maps Pack results. 

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What Is Google Maps SEO?

Local Maps Marketing San Antonio-1Giant
Local Maps Marketing San Antonio-1Giant

Google Maps SEO is the process of optimizing online content, profiles, images, and really, any of your businesses online information to show up better in Google’s Local Map Pack results. This Google Maps Optimization process focuses on using and implementing data using three major focuses. 

Google has given us the three main points of data they use to determine Local Maps Rankings. The three main types of information Google looks for are:  

Relevance– is the information and content relevant to the search query. 

Distance– the closer the searcher is to the business location, the more likely that the business will rank higher in the Google Maps results.

Brand Prominence– having your business NAP (name, address, and phone number) mentioned across the web in reputable and relevant sites and directories. Also know as Citations, a mention of your business online. 

Google Maps is of course, a maps program, so it’s algorithm is based on location data. Locational data, or content, is information like driving directions, names of cities, towns, suburbs, and other information you see on most online maps. In our Maps Marketing Service we include and base our content marketing plan on integrating your businesses locational data into each piece of content we produce for you.

In 1Giant’s Google Maps SEO Service, our team uses the Google My Business platform, your website, custom maps, citations, location pages, and various other off-site optimizations where we can add the data about your business.  As our Internet Marketing Service team builds out your business assets online, focused on the 3 key data points Google is using for rankings (Relevance, Distance, and Brand Prominence), you will start to see amazing gains in foot traffic, website visits, calls to your business, and a steady increase in your top-line revenue. 

Maps Marketing Company San Antonio, TX

Click On The Infographic For A Larger View Of The Top 3 Factors That Google Uses To Determine Local Map Packs Rankings. 

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a web based map platform developed by Google. It provides users driving directions, images of places and points of interests, and views from ground level, air, and space of the selected areas. 

This is what the platform started off as, a mapping and directions platform. But, as technology advanced, and the use of cell phones and satellites increased, so did the ability to pinpoint a user when they are on the platform. This caused an increase in the hyper-local abilities of the Google Maps platform. 

Today, users of Google Maps are shown local business within a close proximity of their position, that are relevant to their search query. This ability,  to know exactly where the user is physically in a city, then show the customer relevant businesses nearby is what we are interested in using to your advantage in Maps Marketing for your business. 

Having your company ranking in the top results of Google Maps allows 100’s of local customers each day to view your maps listing. According to Google, 82% of cell phone users perform searches on local search engines, like Google Maps. So, optimizing your business listing to perform well in maps is crucial to opening up this traffic to your company. 

Google Maps SEO Company SA-1Giant
Google Maps SEO Company SA-1Giant

Above is an example of a local search for seo companies near me in San Antonio, TX. This example is on a computer, not mobile.  As you can see, if your Google My Business is optimized and properly filled out, then a user can get tons of important information about your company using Google Maps. Google Maps SEO services make sure that your business is in the top results in the maps results. 

How To Rank In Google Maps
Google Maps 3 Pack On Mobile Phone

Here is a screen shot of a mobile search for “contractor San Antonio”. Users are likely to not scroll past the first examples and so having your business in the 3 Pack of Google Maps, as shown, is very lucrative for a local business. Also, 30% of all mobile searches trigger this Local Map Pack listing page. 

Google Maps 3 Pack Statistics

It’s important to understand the gravity of being in the top Google Maps results in your area. Here are a few statistics that really help you understand just how lucrative owning a spot in the 3 Pack of Google Maps can be. Also, how devastating, not being in the top spots can be for your business. 

  • 46% of all of your customer’s searches on Google have “local intent” (local searches), which means a search containing “near me” or “find” or a geographic term like a city name, zip code, or street name. Also, a local search is one that contains a search for a dentist, contractor, or any local service type.
  • Your Average Customer Searches Google 3 to 4 times a day, which means about 2 local searches per day, per customer.
  • The 3 Pack of Google Maps is shown 93% of the time when your customers are Googling goods and services in their area.
  • On average, the Maps 3 Pack receives %47 percent of the clicks on a page that it is shown, with the rest going to the paid ads and the organic listings.

Google Maps Statistics Conclusion: As we look at some of the stats about the 3 Pack, you start to realize that having your business in the top 3 spots in Google’s Map Pack search engine results, is key to attracting more foot traffic, phone calls, website visits, and purchases.  This position in the local results on Google is very valuable for business and very competitive, especially in towns above a population of 200,000 people. We have a dedicated team of skilled Maps Marketing Specialists that know how to get our clients in the 3 Pack of Google Maps. It’s not easy and it takes some time, but the benefits to your business, make 1Giant’s Google Maps SEO a wise investment that comes with huge gains in revenue and visibility for your business.