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This is a first for 1GiantThis is our agency’s first blog post. We are announcing a new service that we are offering to businesses in San Antonio and beyond. The service is called Website Optimization. This new Website Designer service involves our digital marketing agency building a new website or optimizing an existing one for the business. Our web development experts will review elements like url’s, heading tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, website speed, interlinking structure, and content. These are some of the main elements that are crucial for high placement in search engine results.

Local businesses need to at least be on the first page of Google, so that when customers are searching online their business can be found. The main search engines in use today are Google, Bing, or even Youtube; which is now the second-largest search engine online. Simply put, if your company isn’t being shown to customers searching online, your business will falter in today’s competitive market. 75% of customers looking for goods and services online will never click to view the second page in the SERPS (search engine results pages).

Optimized Website Benefits-San Antonio TX
Website Optimization For San Antonio Businesses

Check out this great article written by Hubspot. It has some interesting stats about the first page of Google and how this affects the listings and the businesses connected to those listings.

Our main goal for 1Giant as a local marketing company is to give our clients amazing returns on their investments with our agency. Website Optimization is one way we are doing just that for our clients.
I hope everyone found this article to be informative and helpful. If you own or market for a business, and are having trouble getting customers and leads for your company, give us a call or email our team. We love marketing and being able to help out other business owners is what we are all about at 1Giant.

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