New CBD Marketing Tips For 2020-Dominate Your Competitors

CBD Marketing 2020
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The CBD market is growing in the United States by leaps and bounds. I have read many different statistics about the CBD industry. I noticed that there was usually a divided conclusion, from each source, on the legitimacy of CBD as a viable industry. The latest one by leading cannabis researchers, BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research, projects that the collective market for CBD sales in the U.S will surpass $20 billion by 2024. Obviously the  CBD market is worth getting into, especially for marketing companies. Here is what we have learned about Marketing for a CBD product or service in San Antonio.

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Need Help Marketing Your CBD Company? Give Our CBD Advertising Experts A Call. We will Go Over Your Goals And Give You Advise On The Best CBD Marketing Tactics That Are Working In 2020!


Cannabidiol (CBD) Marketing Information

One of the first places you should check for information about an emerging trend or topic is Google Trends. If you don’t know what Google Trends is, it is a comparative keyword research tool that discovers event-triggered spikes in keyword search volume. Google Trends provides keyword-related data including search volume index and geographical information about search engine users. Until may of 2019, Google Trends has shown a large uptick for the phrase “CBD” over the past year and a half. Interest is now trending down, but we believe this will level out when more CBD products and services are brought to market and introduced to the public in large retail and franchise stores across the country. I have noticed this trend with other emerging industries, where interest spikes way up while, everyone is just learning and discovering something new. Then, people who have a general interest in the subject, keep searching and learning online. But, those who are disinterested of course, no longer actively search on the topic in Google. This causes the drop, then a plateau, and most likely an increase will come soon after the public and more corporations get involved with CBD.

CBD Marketing 2020-5 Pro Tips For CBD Sales in San Antonio

Laws And Restrictions On CBD Sales

Now that we know about the popularity of CBD and that there is a growing market for CBD products, we need to learn about cannabidiol laws and restrictions in the US. CBD can be made from either Hemp or it can be Marijuana-derived. Unless the laws have changed again, Hemp-derived CBD is legal in 47 states, and can be bought and sold with little to no issues. On the other hand, the CBD made from marijuana isn’t legal in most states, except those states where marijuana is legal in some form. If you want to find out more about the exact CBD Laws, click this hyperlink for more information. Now that we understand a bit about the legal aspects of CBD sales in the US, lets talk about CBD advertising and marketing. Certain  companies online will not allow ads that are about CBD or the sale of CBD products.


What Platforms Are Best For CBD Digital Marketing?

The top platforms for CBD Digital Marketing are sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest, for social listings. And Google or Bing for Local Organic listings and Map Listings. But, do these sites allow advertising for CBD products or services? The team at 1Giant researched each one of these sites to find out! We also wanted to know that if it is allowed, how and  in what context?

CBD Advertising On Facebook

Marketing your CBD products or services on Facebook is going to be tricky. We get an idea of what Facebook’s stance on advertising for cannabidiol products is by what this spokesperson for Facebook said, “Our policy remains the same: We don’t allow people to promote CBD or edible hemp CBD ads on Facebook.” So, if you try to run ads that talk about or contain CBD phrases or words, you are likely to get your ad taken down, or never approved to begin with. Even worse, Facebook may go a step further and ban your group or page from Facebook altogether. So, how can you advertise CBD products and services on Facebook? First talk about the benefits of CBD, not actually about the CBD product itself. Maybe start a Facebook group about health and wellness and target people who are interested in hemp oil, which is an approved product.Just make sure that you are careful on how you describe the health and wellness benefits. Do not say that it cures or is an FDA approved product. You can not say CBD cures, just the potential benefits certain ailments, etc. We can not do any paid advertising, but organic posts and groups seems to be the best choice for CBD marketing. Right now in December of 2019, Facebook hasn’t accepted CBD as a legal product, so any advertising on this platform will be difficult and must be done very carefully.

Ads For CBD On Instagram

Instagram is owned by Facebook. As we just discussed, they do not allow any advertising of CBD products or services on their site. So, we would also treat Instagram with caution. No mention of any CBD phrases or words in your paid advertising. Otherwise you risk getting your ads, your account, etc. flagged and taken down. You can use images of CBD products, just be careful of any alt tags or descriptions, as those will fall under the same restrictions. If you are not a professional marketer, I would suggests not using either Facebook or Instagram for any paid CBD online marketing ads and promotions. Just keep to organic posts and groups that allow content on CBD products, and images about CBD.

I have combined both Google and Youtube because Google owns Youtube. The restrictions on CBD paid advertisments are similar to those of Facebook and Instagram. But, there is hope for CBD marketing on Google platforms! Google is running tests on allowing paid ads for CBD products, and has asked several CBD companies to be a part of these tests! The CBD company “Chilyo” made a statement to, that Google representatives approaches his company and several others, asking them to run  CBD ads as part of a trial experiment.  The representative from Chilyo said, We were able to run several ads on different Google owned properties like Google paid ads and Youtube for our CBD products”, but he was asked to use phrases like ” full-spectrum hemp” instead of more obvious ones.That gives us a bit of hope for the future of CBD marketing agencies and businesses! When it comes to paid ads and the overall acceptance of the CBD industry,  we will be watching for any updates from Google about reduced restrictions on CBD ads.

CBD Promotions On Snapchat

Snapchat is the best platform for paid CBD promotions for the beginning of 2020. Out of all the social sites and major platforms, Snapchat has the most relaxed rules and regulations for CBD advertisements in 2019. If you run a business in San Antonio that sells CBD products, you need to be on Snapchat promoting your CBD Brand! Realizing Snapchat’s users may not be ideal for the cannabidiol industry to some extent, there aren’t many options to run paid ads for CBD products at the moment, so this is still a great opportunity to get your ads out! The CBD Brand Koi, which offers oils, juices and gummies has advertised on Snapchat! Snapchat has even approved ads promoting CBD products that contain no THC in some places. Those approved ads, which must be devoid of health or therapeutic claims, also have to be age-gated. Going over all the companies 1Giant has looked into, Snapchat is the only viable option for paid ads on a major social platform.

CBD Influencer Marketing

Another great way to get the word out about your Cannabidiol (CBD) Brand is using influencers on Youtube or other social media outlets. Because influencers curate their own content and don’t use paid ads to get their information online, they are not restricted by the ridiculous rules and regulations of the platforms we previously mentioned. Most influencers will want some form of payment or benefit to showcase products from your CBD company. But if you do enough outreach, it is possible to find an influencer that has a large following who is still taking donations and test products for reviews and open-box style videos. Many newer influencers are more flexible on what they require to promote your products and services for your Brand.

CBD SEO is search engine optimization for cannabidiol brands.

CBD SEO-The Best Marketing Tips For Cannabidiol Brands

Search engine optimizaton is 1Giant’s chosen way to promote and market for CBD Brands in San Antonio. That doesn’t mean we don’t use Influencers and Snapchat when it makes sense. However, as a main source for leads, phone calls, in-store visits and product sales, SEO for CBD is our local marketing team’s chosen  method for getting our clients their desired  results. A professional marketing campaign will implement several different types of marketing skills to gain an advantage over our client’s competitors.  We research the traffic signals and volume to currently ranking websites in Google and Bing for the main keywords that best reflect our client’s Brand, products and services.  Our team then starts the content, video and image curation. We design and build out web pages with this targeted content, based around the keyword research we complete. Remember to always focus on the buyer’s intent for the niche of the brand you are working with. Ask yourself, “what terms and phrases will my customers be using when they are searching online for products and services like ours?”. If your selected keywords and images align with the buyers intent queries, you will have high conversions on your website because your visitors are of high quality and ready to buy.

Content Distribution For CBD Brands

Now that 1Giant’s team has your website built, our next step in getting your CBD Brand sales is Content Distribution! Content Distribution is the process of promoting your website and the Company’s Brand information to your target audience. CBD SEO attracts your potential customers to your Branded Website and is a type of Inbound Marketing.  Content Distribution for CBD Brands is a type of Outbound Marketing where our local CBD experts are pushing the content and Brand information out to the places your target customers spend time online. This is when 1Giant uses the CBD Influencers and Snapchat. Imagine us as an online Fedex or UPS for your Brand, delivering digital packets of information all across the internet. The marketing team also uses IFTTT to distribute information out to tons of local directories, blogs and social sites.  These distribution methods begin creating a huge online presence for your Brand! That, in tern,  increases the visibility of your products and services! That is how we take over the local markets and generate exponential growth and sales for your CBD company! Dominate Your Market!

?Let Us Handle The Marketing For Your CBD Brand?

I hope you found this article to be helpful and full of value! Maybe even enjoyed reading it! If you own or manage a CBD Company or are just involved in the CBD industry, contact us. Our agency will help you however we can. We can use our ninja marketing skills for your business! 1Giant’s contact information is listed below.?‍?

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